Features Of JHY Laser Welding Robot

JHY Laser Welding Robots Create New Welding Speeds Record


The traditional processing method of metal welding is basically arc welding, and it is facing great changes. In addition to the process of large current submerged arc welding and gas welding, argon arc welding and small gas welding are gradually replaced by laser welding, and with the gradual maturity of laser MIG composite welding technology, the traditional welding method, which can meet the welding requirement without groove or groove opening and improve the welding efficiency.


Laser welding is a welding welding method with high energy density laser beam as heat source.

Using laser welding, not only the production efficiency is higher than the traditional welding method, but also the welding quality has been significantly improved.

The focused laser beam has a high power density (105 ~107W / cm2 or higher), fast heating speed, and can achieve deep melt welding.

Fast speed means that more products can be produced in the same time, which also means that the cost per unit of product will be lower.

It can be said that the efficient production is equivalent to reducing costs and increasing efficiency.



The JHY robot has a fast welding speed

Traditional argon arc welding of 100mm takes 91s; faster than secondary welding is 14s; and the welding time of JHY laser welding robot comes to single digits, only 8s.

After a number of tests and comparisons, in the welding production, JHY laser welding robot and the traditional robot welding speed has opened a large gap.


The JHY robot moves fast

At present, there are two types of robots commonly used for laser welding on the market: one is handling robot, the other is arc welding robot.

The 5 and 6 axis structure of the handling robot is strong, lack of flexibility, equipped with laser welding torch, the load is enough, but the track accuracy is poor, the design requirements of the handling robot is the accuracy of the starting point and the end, the middle process is not important, and welding requires the whole welding track to ensure the accuracy.

Arc welding robot is generally hollow wrist, hollow is for gas welding gun, 6 axis generally use gap gear structure, gas welding path spread out wide, gear transmission accuracy is slightly low but can meet the arc welding, but the laser light spot is very small, a little error will be reflected on the weld; the laser welding gun is heavier than two welding gun, arc welding robot end load is generally 6kg, carrying laser welding gun, slightly less weight.


JHY robot can be fast installation and debugging

JHY laser welding robot highly integrated fully enclosed double drive wire transmitter, folding embedded weld monitoring LCD screen, integrated armored optical cable, optical fiber, communication line, video line, lens, motor line, cooling pipe, and pipe, etc, and integrated locking with the QBH end of welding torch, safely protect the optical fiber and pipe, fast and convenient installation, clean and clean appearance without messy pipelines; one-piece cabinet, less wiring, simple and quick installation and debugging.


The JHY robot has a fast communication and response speed Laser welding robot has just begun to enter the general industrial field, for most manufacturing enterprises is still a new thing, the market laser welding robot welding quality is not uniform, the general laser welding robot is pieced together laser welding machine, can not be regarded as a complete set of robot laser welding equipment.

Whether it is composed of foreign brands or other domestic brands of robot + any manufacturer of laser welding machine, Robot control cabinet and laser welding machine, wire feeding machine, welding torch to have multiple communication lines, Multiple external terminal plugs increase the failure rate; During welding, the robot will command the control board, Because it’s not the same software architecture, Communication will have delayed lag and interference loss, And can only call on the simple function of the welder, Such as switching light and power; The robot has its own control cabinet with an operating system, And the laser welding machine also has an independent operating screen, The laser welding process parameters should be set on the laser welding machine, And to program the robot with a trainer, Machine vibrator welding torch, chiller, wire feeding machine and so on have their own independent control system, Split-screen operation, Need to match each other best to weld qualified welds, This requires a fairly high level of commissioning engineers, And each time you switch the artifacts, you need to reprogram them, Too difficult for an ordinary operator!

Robot and laser are two disciplines, robot is motion control, laser is photoelectric control, the vast majority of robot companies do not understand the laser control technology, similarly, the production of laser cutting or welding equipment companies are not good at robot motion control algorithm.

JHY laser welding robot innovation integrated design, robot controller, servo driver and laser welding machine, chiller multi-body cabinet, no external connection communication cable, reduce communication fault, fast communication interaction speed, strong anti-interference; Meanwhile, the laser, wire transmitter, laser scope welding torch to the robot control laser, robot and laser components circuit integration, anti-interference, data interaction is fast, and failure rate is extremely low.


Operation training is simple, start fast

 Laser welding machine only start, stop switch button, no complex operation screen, all the functions of the operation on the robot, JHY laser welding robot control system and control the laser generator circuit, no laser control board, robot teacher contains laser welding process, man-machine interface is simple, easy to learn, human nature, both a key call multiple sets of process parameters, and convenient for diversified operation of specialized mode, from white to start to robot welding only 1 hour.

Perfect laser welding process software package, such as open light power slow rise, light slow down, advance gas protection, lag gas protection, pulse welding, peak power, base power, duty cycle, gas inspection, wire inspection, point wire, wire, continuous wire, pulsing wire, automatic back; more times laser welding robot expert function, such as energy follow, laser power and welding speed coordination, follow the speed of laser power output curve; up to 8 types, according to the spot pattern, different welding position and weld gap size, programming call select the suitable spot pattern; light wire detection, ground lock function.

JHY Laser robot also has following features :

⑴ Compared with traditional argon arc welding, JHY laser welding has higher energy density and stronger metal penetration, so the welding performance is stronger and more stable, which is suitable for a variety of metal welding.

⑵ Times laser welding because the laser welding heat input is small, so the thermal impact area is small, which makes the welding consistency is good, not easy to produce deformation, can weld a formed and reliable quality weld, the workpiece can be directly used without plastic correction.

⑶ JHY laser welding has no splash, no grinding, save the grinding process, no grinding, not only save the grinding labor, but also reduce the loss of grinding wheel, corner mill, grinding room, workshop area, also reduce the grinding dust pollution, noise pollution and other potential safety risks.

⑷ Traditional arc welding is suitable for plane splicing welding, flat welding, boat welding, vertical welding difficulty is slightly higher, because the welding pool is affected by gravity, the difficulty of the horizontal and elevation welding and weld quality cannot be guaranteed, and times can laser welding robot in addition to ordinary flat welding splicing, lap, corner welding, can easily realize vertical welding, horizontal welding, elevation welding full position welding, and save the workpiece flip process.

⑸ JHY laser welding robot special laser welding body, small arm using high pressure aluminum casting, slender and flexible, compact structure, light weight, fast running speed.



Failure rate is very low, safe operation without stop, support continuous operation .

The JHY laser welding robot uses a custom laser welding gun head, Built-in coaxial CCD digital camera, 20 x video surveillance, Without directly observing the weld seam, Foldable embedded 8-inch LCD display is visible in a clear and intuitive welding process, Prevent laser reflection damage; Line laser with the focal spot localization, Workpiece programming teaching is simpler; Using side shaft wire, air supply two-in-one barrel, With an anti-collision sensor, Effectively prevent the misoperation of the collision gun and accidental interference; Using the domestic top-class fiber laser generator, Ensure that the full power without false mark, Excellent light quality, reliable product quality and perfect global after-sales service network coverage density; Top domestic laser water chiller, Double water cooling large flow constant low temperature, Increase the load persistence rate for the laser, Protect the welding torch core components.


Post time: Feb-20-2024