The 2023 (2nd) Welding Robot Technology and Application Summit ended perfectly!

As an important processing equipment in modern industry, welding equipment is widely used in military industry, aerospace, Marine vessels, pressure vessels, pipeline engineering, petrochemical engineering, engineering machinery, electric power engineering, construction, steel structure, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, light industry and civil industry and other industries.

Advanced Engineering Robot Industry Research Institute (GGII) data shows that in the first half of 2023, the sales volume of arc welding robots in China was 14,500 units, down 5.84% year on year, and the annual sales volume is expected to be 31,500 units, up 2.27% year on year; But overall, our country welding products are still concentrated in the middle and low-end welding equipment, with automatic welding, intelligent welding, ultra-low splash welding, servo welding high-end welding equipment demand further, and weld tracking, information sensing, offline programming, intelligent control, artificial intelligence, simulation technology, welding technology breakthrough, the future automatic welding equipment application field and application scenarios will be more widely, industrial welding robot will become the inevitable trend of the future industry development.

In this context, on October 12, the 2023 (second) Welding Robot Technology and Application Summit with the theme of “welder’s journey” was held in Shanghai Sofitel Hotel.

More than 300 industrial chain professionals gathered together on the site to shock “welding” the future.