pipe tank arc welding robot integrated workstation

Short Description:

This welding robot station consists of one 6 axis welding robot and one 1-axis welding positioner. Suitable for pipe,tank workpiece. Greatly improve working efficiency.

*Robot: JHY 6 axis MIG TIG welding robot
*Positioner: 1-axis head stock positioner
*Welding machine: 350A or 500A welding machine
*Welding torch: air-cooled or water-cooled welding torch

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Positioner technical parameter


Robot workstation Components

1.Welding robot:
Type: MIG welding robot-BR-1510A,BR-1810A,BR-2010A
TIG welding robot:BR-1510B,BR-1920B
Laser welding robot:BR-1410G,BR-1610G

Model: JHY4010T-065
Type: 1-axis headstock positioner
Positioner technical parameter shows as below:



Rated Input Voltage

Single-phase 220V, 50/60HZ

Motor Insulation Calss


Work Table

650mm(can be customized)


About 400kg

Max. Payload

Axial Payload ≤100kg / ≤500kg / ≤1000kg(>1000kg can be customized)



Stop Position

Any Position

3.Welding power source
Type: 350A/500A welding power source

4.Welding torch
Type: air-cooled torch,water-cooled torch,push-pull torch

5.Torch clean station:
Type: Automatic pneumatic welding torch cleaner

Other robot workstaion peripherals

1.Robot moving rail
Model: JHY6050A-030
2.Laser sensor (optional)
Function: weld tracking, positioning.
3.Safety light curtain (optional)
Protective distance: 0.1-2m,0.1-5m; protective height: 140-3180mm
4.Security fence (optional)
5.PLC cabinet(optional)


1.Electric adjustment of welding gun position, saving time and effort, convenient and quick.
2.The welding gun angle is adjustable, can adapt to a variety of weld seam (butt weld seam, angle weld seam, etc.).
3.The welding gun has a swing function, the swing parameter can be controlled, and the adaptability is wide.
4. Configure the headstock positioner, the positioner can flip the angle to realize the circle welding seam.
5. Positioner can be designed with adjustable support wheel, adapt for different length of pipe
6.Semi-automatic control, flexible and versatile equipment, even and beautiful weld seam.
7.The rotary axis of the positioner is driven by the servo motor, the rotation speed can be precisely controlled, and the welding process requirements can be accurately executed.
8.Welding parameter preset function, the welding parameters can be preset into the system or the welding parameters before recording. The welding parameters can be directly used when welding the workpiece of the same specification next time.

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