6 axis industrial automation welding machine MIG welding robot arm

Short Description:

This robot is belongs to Model PRO in the 1500mm series


1.Reach: about 1500mm
2.Max payload:6KG
4.Torch: Water cooling + anti-collision cell
5.Welding Machine :Megmeet Artsen pro 500P
6.Applicable Materials:Carbon steel,Stainless steel

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(1).Robot body include control cabinet parts are guaranteed for 12 months period
(2).Teach pendent is guaranteed for 3 months but the screen has no warranty
(3).Welding machine is guaranteed for 12 months(Without Wearing parts)
(4).Other Wearing parts are not covered by the warranty
If the parts not provided by the seller are changed without the seller’s consent, the robot will have no warranty period


-Die casting process, aluminum arm ,Lighter and more flexible
-Internal wires and terminals of the robot are made by the top Japanese brands: DYEDEN, TAIYO, the same as ABB and Fanuc
-Top Chinese brand of the core parts
-Welding machine with Short arc pulse transfer control technique which can realize high pulse welding;
-Welding torch with highly sensitive anti – collision device, greatly extend the service life of the torch
-The machine maintenance is simple and easy to operate, and the designed service life is more than 10 years

Training Services

1. We support customers to visit and study in our factory. Our operating system training usually takes about 3 days.
2. Support online training, customers can conduct remote video training with our after-sales engineers at any time
3. We also have complete training videos and training documents

Integration project Technical guidance

We have a professional and experienced robot welding automation integration team, who can provide our customers with professional project advice on specific workpiece,and can also provide professional design guidance on the fixture,It’s all FREE

Proseries Torch Spare Parts List

PRO series torch Spare Parts
NO. Parts Pics.
1 Contact Tip  img-1
2 Tip Holder img-2
3 Nozzle  img-3
4 Nozzle Holder img-4
5 Nozzle Holder Cap img-5
6 Inner Wire Feeding Tube img-6
7 Shunt  img-7
8 Insulation ring img-8
9 Goose neck img-9

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