Mig Tig Robotic Welding Station With 6 Axis Welding Robot Arm Positioner

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This welding robot station consist of one 6 axis welding robot and double 1-axis welding positioner. Suitable for workpiece front and back sides welding, horizontal welding, vertical welding, multi-angle welding. Greatly improve working efficiency.

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Robot workstation Components

1.Welding robot

Type: MIG welding robot-BR-1510A,BR-1810A,BR-2010A
TIG welding robot:BR-1510B,BR-1920B
Laser welding robot:BR-1410G,BR-1610G
Character: MIG welding robot-hollow wrist design,compact robot body,able to operate welding procedure in narrow place;built-in welding cable,make robot movement flexible and interference-free.
TIG welding robot: solid wrist,10-20kg payload make the robot able to load the TIG welding torch without shaking.
Laser welding robot: 10kg payload enough to load heavy laser welding head, ±0.03-0.05mm high repeat accuracy suitable for high-requirement laser welding work.


Type: 1 axis,2 axis,3 axis positioner, payload: 300/500/1000kg or customized

Function: able to rotate the workpiece to the most appreciate welding position, to achieve optimum welding effect; positioner is controlled by the robot control cabinet,the positioner can achieve synchronized movement with the robot during the welding process


3.Ground rail

Type: 500/1000kg payload, ≥3m length for optional.
Character: can be used to extend the motion range of the robot and is suitable for welding long workpieces. Weld wire barrel,torch cleaner, welding machine and control cabinet can be designed standing on the ground rail for clean layout and flexible movement.

4.Welding machine

Type: 350A/500A welding machine
Character: can be used for carbon steel,stainless steel aluminium and galvanized welding
Application: 350A welding machine-low spatter,suitable for thin plate welding such as bicycle and car parts,steel furniture;500A welding machine-single pulse/double pulse for option,suitable for thick and middle thick plate welding such as steel structure,machinery construction,ship building,etc.

5.Welding torch

Type: 350A-500A, air-cooled,water-cooled,push-pull

6.Torch clean station

Type: Automatic pneumatic welding torch cleaner
Function: weld wire cutting,torch cleaning,oil spraying

7.Laser sensor (optional)

Function: weld tracking, positioning.

8.Grating sensor (optional)

Function: usually installed on the security fence to effectively protect people by blocking the security light curtain

9.Security fence (optional)

Function: Installed on the periphery of the robot workstation to isolate the equipment to protect personnel safety

Robot workstation workflow

1.First, build a special fixing fixture (the specific fixture is designed and manufactured by the customer) for the workpiece on the positioner. To ensure the consistency of the welding position and angle of the workpiece.

2.Press the start button on the control box of A station, and then the welding robot automatically performs the position welding required for the A station workpiece. At this point, the operator can install the workpiece on the platform of the B station. After the installation completed, and then press the start button of the robot B station.

3.After waiting for the welding of station A, the robot will automatically carry out the welding of the B station product (in the previous step, the operator retained the start button of the B station), at this time the operator manually removed the product of the A station. Repeat the installation again.


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