6 Axis stainless steel aluminium welding robotics workstation

Short Description:

This welding robot station consists of one 6 axis welding robot and one 1-axis welding positioner which rotate horizontally . The positioner can be divided into two stations. Greatly improve working efficiency.

*Robot: JHY 6 axis MIG TIG welding robot
*Positioner: 2-axis positioner
*Welding power source: 350A or 500A welding power source
*Welding gun: air-cooled or water-cooled welding gun

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The 2 axis positioner can achieve ±180° horizontal rotating and flip rotating.
The rotation of the positioner is controlled by the control cabinet which connect under robot control cabinet. During the welding process, it can realize synchronized movements between robot and positioner.
This positioner is suitable for workpieces that need to be welded at multiple angles and can be used with welding robots for more flexible welding work and to improve welding efficiency and quality.

Positioner technical parameter



Rated Input Voltage

Single-phase 220V, 50/60HZ

Motor Insulation Calss


Work Table

Diameter 800mm(can be customized)


About 400kg

Max. Payload

Axial Payload ≤300kg / ≤500kg / ≤1000kg(>1000kg can be customized)



Stop Position

Any Position

Robot workstation components



6 axis welding robot

1 set

2 axis positioner

1 set

Welding power source

1 set

Welding torch

1 set

Control box

2 pcs

Torch cleaning station

1 set

Robot linear rail

*m (optional)

Laser sensor

1 set (optional)

Safety light curtain

1 set (optional)

Safety fence

*m (optional)

Why choose us?

1.We are one of the batch to manufacturer welding robot in China.
2.We are not only robot manufacturer but we also produce positioners.
3.More than 10 years’ experience in robotic integrated projects.
4.Robot control system is easy to operate and stable to use.
5.The robot control system can control up to 12 axes.
6.Our products has been sold to more than 30 counties in Southeast Asia,Western Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia,etc.


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